WavePOS – Mobile Solution for wBox System!

Easy Setup

Simply run our installation package on the wBox System, then download the WavePOS app from the App Store.

Magic, Not Cloud

Our solution works using the local Wi-Fi network in your restaurant, restaurant data and information is kept locally.

Free Updates

The most up-to-date app and the installation package will always be available to download for free.

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Seamless integration with wBox

WavePOS is designed to mimic the workflow and interface of the wBox System on your iOS devices.

From opening a ticket for a particular table in the restaurant to sending a customized order with special requests to the kitchen, WavePOS has got you covered.

Whether you are using a 3.5″ iPod Touch or a 9.7″ iPad, unlike other apps remote accessing the desktop terminal, WavePOS is built specifically for the iOS.

4 Critical Benefits of Restaurant Mobile POS

Main Features of WavePOS

Below are just some of the features our customers really love about WavePOS for wBox, and we are always improving our solution base on their valuable feedback.

  • Works seamlessly with wBox System
  • Allows multiple connections to a single wBox terminal
  • Does not require Windows Server or Terminal Services licenses
  • Settings are automatically imported to ensure maximum user-familiarity
  • Supports all devices running iOS 5.0 and up”
Apple iPhone mobile payment at restaurant


Follow the 3 steps below to set up WavePOS,
provided that your wifi network has already been set properly:

  1. Download the WavePOS for wBox app from Apple App Store
  2. Type in 123456789 at the login screen and access the config screen
  3. Connect to server IP and update database
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2 Devices


per month

  • 2 iOS Devices
  • Installation Package for PC and iOS
  • Office Hours Support
  • Free Updates

10 Devices


per month

  • 10 iOS Devices
  • Installation Package for PC and iOS
  • Office Hours Support
  • Free Updates