WaveSoft Reveals iKDS: An Innovative Kitchen Display System for iPads

Streamline your back-of-house operations with WaveSoft’s sleek and affordable iOS app

Richmond, B.C. – June 11, 2019 – WaveSoft Technologies, a leading software developer of innovative restaurant management apps, is pleased to announce the addition of their newest application: iKDS. This native iOS app was designed as a supplemental add-on solution to any existing point of sale solution, synchronizing front- and back-of-house operations.

Conveniently downloadable onto any iPad device, restaurants can quickly and easily adopt WaveSoft’s latest kitchen solution without excess upfront costs. The sleek and stylish look of iPads, along with their familiar user interface, creates an elegant restaurant atmosphere for diners and an intuitive user experience for kitchen staff.

Restaurant users receive two iOS apps with the iKDS package: the front-end iKDS app and a cloud-based dashboard app. This way, cook and prep staff have the software they need for optimal kitchen efficiency, and managers have the visibility they need to keep a pulse on their business. WaveSoft has created a scalable system, so restaurants can implements as few or as many tablets as they need, with the ability to link them together for complete iKDS synchronization.

The iKDS software is completely customizable to fit the needs of each unique restaurant. Display food items in any language, any size, and any color, as well as group food and drink options together by order type. A unique iKDS feature is its ability to display food and drink images instead of plain text, for maximum efficiency and accuracy of kitchen preparation.

“We realized that all restaurants, whether they are quick service or table service, struggle with quickly and accurately communicating orders from the wait staff to the kitchen.” says WaveSoft CEO Wilson Chao. “We wanted to create an application that solves this problem, as well as eliminates the need for inaccurate handwritten tickets or kitchen printers. iKDS is perfect for restaurants looking for a reliable, simple, and cost-effective kitchen management solution.”

About WaveSoft

WaveSoft is a leading iOS app developer specializing in solutions for the restaurant hospitality industry. As the first company in the world to offer native iOS applications for restaurants, WaveSoft provides the innovative technology businesses need to grow and succeed in today’s competitive market. WaveSoft’s business strategy is clear and unique, offering restaurant management apps that complement and enhance existing POS solutions, not replace them. For more information, visit www.wavesoft.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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