How to Cater Your Restaurant to Generation Z Consumers

At this point you’ve probably heard of Generation Z, but who really are they? This generation of consumers was born between 1995 and 2015, meaning that the oldest members are now in their early 20s and gaining buying power as they emerge from college and join the workforce.

By 2020, Gen Z members will make up about 40% of all US consumers, becoming one of the fastest growing generations. Is your restaurant ready to handle the needs and wants of this generation? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Modify Your Marketing

Whether you’re ready to admit it or not, your old style of marketing likely isn’t working on your target Generation Z customers. Why? They don’t respond well to traditional methods of advertising like TV commercials.

Social media, however, is a huge market for this generation. Instagram and YouTube are two of the most popular social media platforms used by Gen Z. Your restaurant can use this to your advantage when marketing to these consumers by using promotional videos, photos, or ads. Be wary about choosing to market on Facebook; according to Pew Research, only about 51% of Generation Z use this social site.

Also, it’s crucial for your restaurant to speak your target audience’s language. If they aren’t responding well to your messaging, it’s time to get creative in your marketing strategy. For example, Generation Z consumers value corporate social responsibility and will pay more for brands that are working towards a bigger cause.

Adjust Your Menu

Compared to previous generations, Gen Z are more likely to try new and exotic foods. Because of this, you may want to update or adjust your menu to create a wider variety of options for your customers that include more healthy and ethnic foods.

In addition to more diverse foods and flavors, Generation Z also has a tendency to gravitate towards sustainably sourced and plant-based foods. They are environmentally conscious and not only have a tendency to focus on things like sustainability, but they also like knowing that the choices they make positively affect the world.

Upgrade Your Technology

It’s no secret that Generation Z is the most tech savvy generation the world knows. They grew up with a variety of technology at their fingertips and most don’t know a world without instant access to the internet and mobile communication. Upgrade the technology in your restaurant to match their level of tech savviness.

Increase business productivity and performance in your restaurant without sacrificing what your customers need to be happy by upgrading your point of sale (POS) system. A modern, mobile POS can be used as an extension of your traditional, fixed system and can easily be done with an iOS capable device.

Gen Z customers will also appreciate if your restaurant offers self-ordering technology. With these systems, you get an increased level of technology in your restaurant with more chances to upsell your customers. Additionally, your customers will receive a better customer experience by inputting their own orders and getting exactly what they want.

Staying Competitive

Competition in the restaurant industry is fierce. Don’t ignore the preferences and growing buying power that Generation Z has to your restaurant. The quicker your restaurant adapts, the better you will position yourself for success and grow your profits.

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