4 Benefits of a KDS for iOS

Implementing new technology into your restaurant can be a challenging decision for restaurant owners, especially with all of the different options available. An updated kitchen display system (KDS) can transform to your business operations, but how do you know which one to choose? For a maximum return on investment, we recommend going with a KDS for iOS– and here’s why:

  1. User Familiarity

It should come to no surprise that Apple is a trusted, popular brand among people all over the world. No matter your age, gender, profession, or location, you probably know your way around an iPhone, iPod, and iPad. One of the main benefits of implementing iOS based technology in your restaurant is the increased familiarity and ease of use of the Apple operating system.

Choosing a KDS for iOS guarantees a smooth transition into your restaurant’s operations, especially when it comes to employee training. Your staff will have a much easier time getting up to speed when they are already familiar with the devices being used. This drastically cuts down training time, giving employees and managers more time to focus on their other priorities.

  1. Increased Efficiency

If you’re looking to create a more efficient back of house, a kitchen display system for iPads is the way to go. A KDS for iOS allows cooks and servers to see all meal orders and ticket times in the order that they are placed, as well as giving the option to bump certain items when necessary. This keeps the staff’s priorities in line and provides a visual guide on what orders need to be made and served first. Not only does this speed up the process, it also reduces the chance of errors and mix-ups.

Keeping track of order fulfillment times also allows managers to discover efficiency gaps. Managers can pull reports on this data to see which specific meals, employees, or times of the day are holding them back.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

When considering a kitchen display system for iPads, don’t overlook the significant environmental benefits that they come with. Say goodbye to the old-school methods of paper tickets and upgrade to a paperless system. An iPad KDS eliminates the need for paper tickets, printers, and ink, which saves both the environment and your wallet.

  1. Seamless POS Integration

A new kitchen display system is an important investment for your restaurant business, so when looking for a new system, choose one that will easily integrate with your point of sale (POS). A KDS for iOS, such as WaveSoft’s iKDS, allows for seamless software integration with your POS system, ensuring harmonious restaurant operations.

This feature is especially important if your restaurant does online or mobile ordering. Having an integrated system allows orders to be sent directly to the KDS, eliminating the need for manual entry. Having all of your technology systems synced together saves time, improves communication, and streamlines your overall operations.

As restaurant technology continues to improve, it’s crucial for your restaurant to implement solutions that will keep your business competitive and profitable. A KDS for iOS is the no-brainer solution for restaurants looking to improve their business both short- and long-term. Contact WaveSoft to learn more about how iKDS can increase your success this year.