How to Leverage Self-Ordering Solutions to Improve Your Restaurant Customer Experience

restaurant customer experience

As a restaurant owner, you’re aware of the growing importance of the customer experience in today’s industry. Customers are more willing to pay for quality if the customer experience is on par. Elements such as your restaurant’s atmosphere, marketing messaging, customer service, and brand voice all factor into the overall customer experience. We’ll show you how self-ordering solutions can be used to boost your restaurant customer experience this year, and pad your wallet.

Fast and Efficient Service

Consumer demand is rising in all industries, and restaurants in particular need to ensure that they are keeping up. As the need for instant gratification grows, so do customer expectations for fast and efficient service. Self-ordering solutions can be implemented to significantly speed up the ordering process. Adding an iPad self-ordering kiosk into your restaurant will eliminate the extra time it takes for a server to listen to an order, jot it down, walk to the back, and enter the order into a point of sale system. Instead, restaurants can place a self-ordering tablet directly on the table for guests to place their order as soon as they’re ready, and have it sent back into the kitchen immediately. This greatly speeds up the entire process, giving customers the faster service they desire.

Put Your Customers in Control

It’s human nature to want to be in control, and dining out is no exception. Self-ordering kiosks give guests all the control they want, which in turn produces considerable benefits to your business. When customers have the power to place their order right in their hand, it takes the pressure off of your staff. No longer will servers have to squint at messily-written dinner details or remember which sides need swapped for what, because customers will have full oversight into their order details with a self-ordering solution. A tabletop iPad kiosk allows for full control, less order error, and an overall improved restaurant customer experience. Not only this, self-ordering kiosks also encourage larger orders. This, in addition to fewer order errors, means less waste and bigger ticket sizes– generating higher profits for your business.

Payment Flexibility

Along with being in control, customers want options. Providing numerous, flexible payment options has become an integral part of the restaurant customer experience. Giving guests the option to pay on a self-ordering device at their table not only makes the customer happy, it also speeds up the transaction process. Before, customers would have to wait for the server to arrive at their table, hand over their payment, wait for the server to process the transaction, and then wait for them to return to the table with the receipts. With a self-service kiosk at the table, your guests can swipe their card and leave a tip whenever they are ready to do so. Guests appreciate the opportunity to choose, and the self-service payment option will not only impress them, but also further speed up the transaction process, and increase your chances of a higher tip.

When strategizing how to improve your restaurant customer experience, think smarter not harder. Customers in 2019 aren’t looking for the lowest price, they’re looking for an experience that will stand out from the rest. To make in impact on both your prospective and loyal patrons this year, consider a self-ordering solution like WaveTouch that will streamline and automate your restaurant. Contact WaveSoft for more information on how our simple-to-use iOS software distinguishes you from the competition.