5 Advantages of iPad POS Software for your Restaurant

an ipad tablet point of sale being held on a silver tray by a male waiter in a black suit to show how great iPad POS software is for restaurants

Whether you realize it or not, your restaurant’s efficiency relies heavily on your point of sale (POS) system. If you’re in the market for a new point of sale, you have a big decision to make for your restaurant business. Traditional legacy systems are quickly becoming replaced by sleek, tablet based solutions– and for a good reason. We’ll explore the top five advantages of iPad POS software for your restaurant:


1. Easy to Learn & Train

Training employees is one of the most time consuming and expensive processes of running a business. When looking into new point of sale technology, consider how easy the system is to use and learn. A huge benefit of iPad POS software is the intuitive user interface. Just about everyone is familiar with the Apple operating system, which makes learning, training, and using the POS a breeze. This saves significant time and money when onboarding new employees.


2. Sleek & Innovative

Even if you’re someone who rolls their eyes at the word “aesthetics,” it’s a crucial concept becoming increasingly important for today’s consumers. An iPad POS system is sleek and minimalistic, giving your restaurant a more innovative feel. Instead of clogging up counter space with bulky legacy systems, switch to an iPad POS and give your restaurant an immediate facelift.


3. Streamlines the Ordering Process

Is your ordering process as efficient as possible? With iPad POS software, your restaurant can ensure that your operations are running smoothly, no matter how busy your restaurant gets. iPad POS solutions allow servers to take guests’ orders directly from the table and immediately send them to your kitchen display system, eliminating the need for double order entry. Because of that, it greatly decreases order error by allowing servers to enter the order right in front of the customer, instead of minutes later at a traditional POS station. With the POS right in their hands, servers no longer have to scribble down orders– they can confidently enter it into the iPad right from the table, streamlining the entire process.


4. Stay Updated

One of the greatest benefits of iPad POS software is the included updates. A point of sale system is a big decision and investment for your company, so the last thing you want is a system that can quickly become outdated. With a cloud-based system like WaveSoft, your restaurant receives unlimited free updates from the Apple Store. No more waiting around for costly POS technicians, your software can update at the click of a button– at whatever time is most convenient for you.


5. Environmentally Friendly

With an iPad POS software system, your restaurant will save more than just time. An iPad POS eliminates the need for paper notepads used for jotting down orders, as well as paper receipts used after transactions. Because servers can enter orders and email electronic receipts right from the iPad, your restaurant will save big on paper costs. The environment and your wallet will thank you.


Switching to an iPad POS software system has powerful benefits for your restaurant business. Not only do they streamline your overall operations, an iPad POS will innovate your business and help grow your bottom line.

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