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Mobile point of sale is becoming the industry standard. If your customers don’t have a mobile POS solution in their restaurants, they’re already a step behind the competition. Help your clients implement the comprehensive, efficient, and innovative add-on solutions that they’ve been looking for by becoming a WaveSoft reseller. Partner with WaveSoft to offer mobile POS, kitchen display systems (KDS), and self-ordering solutions to restaurants all over the world. And, whether your customers need a mobile point of sale solution to enhance their existing POS, or a standalone mPOS, WaveSoft can help you deliver the solutions that exceed their expectations, every time.

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Offer Your Customers Mobile POS, KDS, and Self-Ordering Solutions for iOS

WaveSoft has 20+ years crafting innovative, iOS based solutions for the restaurant hospitality industry. Our technology solutions for iOS are appealing to businesses that are looking for an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use software system. The Apple operating system not only makes our products easily accessible, but also universally understood by both restaurant staff and customers.

Apple’s iOS platform is constantly growing, and WaveSoft is excited for the future of our business in the POS, KDS, and self-ordering industry. We’re looking for motivated individuals to join our software reseller team so that we can grow and succeed together.

Why Resellers Choose to Partner with WaveSoft

WaveSoft is excited to offer resellers the opportunity to join our growing network of partners around the world. Our industry leading iOS-based solutions and supportive reseller program will set you up for continual success.

In addition to the perks of selling an iOS-based solution, WaveSoft resellers also receive the following benefits:

  • Generous margins
  • Installation and training
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Protected territories and customers
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Interested in joining our team? Learn how you can become a software reseller with WaveSoft today.