WavePOS: A Mobile POS System for Restaurants

Mobilize your Business Operations

WavePOS is an application exclusively designed by WaveSoft to transform your existing point of sale system into a mobile iPhone or iPad POS solution. This mobile POS system for restaurants acts as an extension of your point of sale terminal by mimicking its exact workflow and interface onto any iOS device.

Implementing a mobile POS system into your restaurants has continuous benefits on the productivity, performance, and overall profitability of your business. WavePOS is the best tablet POS for restaurants who already love the point of sale software that they have, but are looking to expand their mobility. Our award-winning application is reliable, affordable, and will give your restaurant the modern update you’ve been looking for.

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4 Critical Benefits of Restaurant Mobile POS

WavePOS is compatible with the following POS software:

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Heartland Dinerware
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The Best Tablet POS for Restaurants

User Familiarity

WavePOS can be easily downloaded onto any iOS device right from the Apple app store. Using iPhone or iPad ordering systems brings the benefit of user familiarity. This not only makes training a breeze, but also gives an opportunity for businesses to implement BYOD: “bring your own device,” which allows employees to use their own mobile devices at work.

Customer Experience

Looking to boost your customer experience? WavePOS was designed to do just that by executing faster, more accurate orders. Empowering servers to send orders right from the table with their iPhones or iPads saves time and eliminates the readability errors that are common with written tickets. Using mobile devices in your restaurant will give guests a modern, innovative experience that will keep them coming back.

Ease & Efficiency

WavePOS is easy to use and maintain. Just download the app from the Apple app store and run our installation package on your existing POS. Our mobile POS system for restaurants simplifies the ordering process, allowing staff to take orders faster and serve more guests in less time.

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WavePOS Features

WaveSoft is consistently working to provide you with the most advanced, high-quality mobile solutions on the market. WavePOS is tailored to make your day-to-day processes easier, from opening a ticket to collecting an order payment. This mobile POS system for restaurants is packed with valuable features including:

  • Pay-at-Table function
  • Multiple connections to a single terminal
  • Windows Server or Terminal Services licenses not required
  • Automatically imported settings to ensure maximum user-familiarity
  • Supportive of all Apple devices running iOS 5.0 and up
  • Free updates

Interested in how WavePOS can improve your restaurant?