Introducing KDS for iOS

The Simple Kitchen Display System for iPads You’ve Been Looking For

When orders start to fly in, servers are under stress, and customers are waiting, can your kitchen keep up? WaveSoft developed iKDS to solve all of your back-of-house restaurant needs. Our kitchen display system for iPads will seamlessly integrate with your existing point of sale system to maximize restaurant efficiency while minimizing costs.

WaveSoft’s KDS for iOS solution is packed with flexible functions designed to meet your individual requirements. Our user-friendly software can configure between multiple iPads to create a workflow that suits your unique kitchen environment. Our app is easy to install and doesn’t require complicated hardware, wiring, or equipment—allowing you to get up and running in just a few minutes. Simplify and streamline your restaurant technology with WaveSoft’s iKDS software.

iKDS on Apple iPad in restaurant kitchen

The Benefits of KDS for iOS

Why waste time trying to learn a new operating system when you can use one you
already know and love? WaveSoft’s KDS for iOS solution gives you just that.

Familiar User Experience

iKDS can be downloaded onto any iPad to work in conjunction with your current restaurant POS system. Because most people are already familiar with the Apple user experience, iKDS can be deployed and used effortlessly. The recognizable iOS user experience allows for easier employee training and improved communication.

Eliminate Paper Tickets

Printing out order tickets is not only a messy, unreliable system, but is also damaging to the environment. Not to mention the costs of purchasing paper, ink, and printers. An added benefit of implementing a kitchen display system for iPads to your restaurant is the complete elimination of paper tickets, which will help save the environment and your wallet.

Reduce Error and Increase Efficiency

iKDS can provide your restaurant with more accurate order processing and order management. Sending orders directly to the kitchen increases order accuracy and decreases meal errors. This not only creates happier customers, but improves labor efficiency. A simple, centralized KDS leaves less room for error, and more opportunity for excellence.

How to Choose the Right iPad KDS Software for Your Restaurant

Key iKDS Features

WaveSoft is committed to providing high-quality and reliable iOS solutions to our customers, and the iKDS is no exception. We aim to solve your restaurant problems before they happen. Our customized KDS for iOS solutions equip you with everything you need to maximize kitchen success and customer experience. Not only that, our software is easy to install and eliminates the need for complicated wiring and equipment in your kitchen. Here are a few features customers love about iKDS:

  • Fully integrated cloud monitor functions
  • Real-time performance results
  • Flexible layout and function options
  • Integration with your existing POS system
  • Customized configurations between multiple devices

Find out how a kitchen display systems for iPads can help your restaurant.