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Technology has never played a bigger role in how restaurants operate. Fine dining restaurants look to provide not only the best food, but lasting customer impressions. Armed with the proper tools, technology, and restaurant management apps, your restaurant can be at the front of industry competition.

WaveSoft provides a variety of solutions for your fine dining restaurant management challenges via apps designed specifically for your unique industry. Our apps are created to enhance your existing point of sale (POS) products and solutions, not replace them. With WaveSoft, streamline your processes and maximize efficiency, customer service, and return on investment.

WaveSoft Fine Dining

Restaurant Management Apps for QSRs

WavePOS: Mobile POS

Our WavePOS app converts the POS system you currently use into a complete mobile point of sale solution for your fine dining restaurant. WavePOS allows you to keep your existing POS system while extending your mobility, letting you use the devices you already know and love. The application is reliable and affordable, giving your restaurant just enough of the modern boost it needs.

iKDS: Kitchen Display System for iPads

Fine dining restaurants can’t afford to make mistakes on customers’ orders. WaveSoft developed our restaurant management app iKDS to streamline the front-and back-of-house needs for your restaurant. The kitchen display system (KDS) promotes a familiar user experience on an iPad while eliminating wasteful paper tickets, reducing meal errors, and increasing overall efficiency. Why waste time learning new operating systems when you can use the one you already know?

WaveTouch: Self-Service POS Kiosk

Restaurant management apps have never been easier to use. With the WaveTouch app, any iPhone or iPad can be transformed into a self-service solution, revolutionizing how wait staff take orders, make recommendations, and process payments– right at the table. This gives customers more face-to-face time with your staff, creating a personal approach to the fine dining customer service experience.

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