The Tool You Need to Transform Your Restaurant

With the growing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), employers have the unique opportunity to place iPad POS solutions right in servers’ hands with no additional hardware costs. The WaveTOUCH app aims to revolutionize how servers take orders and receive payments tableside, equipping them with the tools they need to work faster and more efficiently.

WaveTOUCH is an application created by WaveSoft that can be downloaded onto any iOS device to create an innovative mobile point of sale experience anytime and anywhere. WaveTOUCH can be used as a tool for servers or as a self-service solution at the restaurant counter.

WaveTOUCH can also be used as a complete self-ordering solution. Restaurant owners can leverage the app on countertop tablets to allow customers to place orders and process credit card payments all on their own.

No matter how it’s used, WaveTOUCH is a proven Pad POS solution that will provide a better customer experience and keep you ahead of the competition.

cashier using ipad to swipe credit card

4 Critical Benefits of Restaurant Mobile POS

Business Benefits

Benefits of a Tablet POS System

With new competitors popping up regularly, it’s crucial that your restaurant stays focused on continuous improvement and innovation. Technology is an effective way to stay fresh while also improving your overall success.

Familiar iOS interface

People like things that they recognize and are comfortable with, which is what we had in mind when creating WaveTOUCH. Almost everyone is familiar with the Apple user experience, so training staff and teaching customers will be a breeze thanks to the straightforward, iOS operating system.

Reduce Waste and Increase Revenue

An iPad POS solution will not only improve customer experience, but also drastically boost restaurant efficiency and employee productivity. Streamlining operations with WaveTOUCH will get orders to the kitchen faster, allowing wait staff to serve more guests in less time. This spells out lower wait times, happier customers, and higher revenue.

Wavesoft wavetouch software on Apple iPad


Advantages of WaveTOUCH mPOS for iOS

Since our beginning, WaveSoft has been committed to providing businesses with the most reliable, high-quality solutions on the market. WaveTOUCH is a strategically developed iPad POS application equipped with the features you need to enhance your restaurant. Unlike many cloud and desktop resemblance POS solutions running on tablet technology, WaveTOUCH offers three unique advantages:

It is Mobile Centric: The WaveTOUCH app is exclusively designed as a mobile solution, not as a desktop replacement. With our tablet POS app, servers or customers can order food and process credit cards anytime, anywhere.

You Keep Your Own Data: With WaveTOUCH, cloud is optional- not forced. While you have the choice to add cloud functionalities, your data is kept securely on premise by default.

iOS Ready: The WaveTOUCH app is available on the Apple iOS platform, maximizing your hardware choice while minimizing your hardware investment. WaveTOUCH is purchased through a monthly subscription with unlimited free app downloads and upgrades. Our subscription policy also ensures that you always have peace of mind when your iOS systems are upgraded.

For more information on how WaveTOUCH can help your restaurant:

4 Critical Benefits of Restaurant Mobile POS