Find out how Uber Eats integrates with your wBox POS

You focus on the customer

We will do the rest


You count on your orders being accurate and handled correctly, so service runs smoothly and your customers are happy.

With our integration, orders you receive from Uber Eats are transferred directly into your wBox POS system. Saving you time, reducing input errors and keeping all of your transactions in one place.


  • Reduces Input errors
  • Enables modifiers to be accounted for correctly
  • A single place to manage all of your sales figures

More Efficient

No need for additional staff constantly checking for Uber Eats orders and then manually entering them into your POS.

Clean and Simple

Incoming online orders are shown in the same format as your existing POS orders, and follows your rules when they are sent into the kitchen.

No More

The simplified process means no more mistakes, delays, or extra labour costs. And most importantly, no more headaches.

Talk to us and start getting Uber Eats orders on your wBox POS