3 Profit-Boosting Technologies for Quick Service Restaurants

restaurant owner or manager looking through his reports on a tablet to find if there are ways to boost restaurant profits

It’s estimated that 1 in 7 Americans eat food from a quick service restaurant (QSR) at least once a day, which equals out to around 50 million people. With a large share of the dining market, QSRs are looking for new and innovative ways to boost profits, especially when it comes to utilizing the technology that their customers know and love. Here are 3 essential pieces of QSR technology your restaurant needs to remain competitive in the industry:

1. Kiosks

When it comes to a quick service restaurant, your guests expect just that – quick service. Help streamline the ordering process and allow customers to gain more control of their orders with self-service tablets and kiosks. Not only does it increase ordering speeds and improve the customer experience, but it also improves order accuracy since customers can see items and choose exactly what they want.

Your quick service restaurant in turn will need less staff to handle the demands of ordering—allowing you to utilize QSR technology to optimize and reduce labor costs while still being able to handle increased demand from customers. With additional time to browse your menu and make a selection, customers will appreciate an enhanced ordering experience and can even be prompted through upselling and cross-selling selections such as “turn this into a combo,” leading to an increased profit for your business.

2. A Kitchen Display System

Your QSR needs to remain fast and efficient to stay competitive with other restaurants in the industry. One essential piece of technology that is necessary for your kitchen is a kitchen display system.

Keep kitchen staff organized and have orders sent directly from the point of sale (POS) system or self-order kiosk to the kitchen and displayed on a KDS system. Your staff will be able to see everything they need to create orders, as well as track and fulfil orders in a timely manner, providing more orders at a faster and more efficient rate with less errors. Your customers will be happy too, and more likely to return if they receive the correct order every time.

3. Online Ordering and Delivery

Over 60% of US consumers order food for delivery or takeout at least once a week, meaning restaurant consumers demand this quick and convenient service. For your quick service restaurant to stay competitive in this dining space, you should be adding online ordering and delivery services to your QSR technology arsenal.

An online ordering and delivery system creates an additional revenue stream for your business and gives your customers the added benefit of convenience built around their needs and schedules. If customers see that you offer these services, they’re likely to order from your QSR more, especially if they are busy and need a quick and convenient bite to eat.

At the end of the day, the most essential aspect that quick service restaurant owners and managers need to be cognizant of is the need to make smart choices about the QSR technology they choose to implement in their establishments. By ensuring to stay up to date on restaurant tech solutions, owners and managers can leverage this technology to help boost profits and create better experiences for their customers.

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