3 Ways mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) Can Boost Your Restaurant Customer Experience

When evaluating new ways to grow your restaurant this year, don’t overlook the one factor taking over the industry– customer experience. You already know how to provide your guests the delicious food they want, now it’s time to boost the experiential elements that will set your business apart from the competition. Luckily, there’s one technology tool that will not only increase your restaurant customer experience, but also grow your bottom line and improve your workflow: mobile point of sale (mPOS). We’ll show you how:

1. Information at Their Fingertips

With a mobile point of sale in your restaurant, your staff will be armed with information at their fingertips– literally. As a server, your employees have the crucial job of taking care of any and every customer need. When dining out, many guests have questions or concerns with the details of their meal. With an mPOS, if a customer has a question, the wait staff can retrieve the info right from their device, avoiding back and forth communication with the kitchen. With the menu and preparation specifics on a mobile device, servers have access to:

  • Meal ingredients
  • Allergy information
  • Side or topping options
  • Complementary pairings
  • Specials of the day
  • Current sales and promotions

Because of this, new staff members can be trained more quickly and easily, since they no longer need to memorize lengthy menu details. This mPOS feature also encourages upsells and larger check sizes, since servers can easily see, share, and sell relevant add-ons. Your guests will appreciate and remember the customized service, boosting your overall restaurant customer experience.

2. Faster Service

No matter your restaurant niche, nearly all restaurant owners agree that improvement in their overall efficiency is something that they are continuously working on. And when customers are evaluating the restaurant customer experience of their favorite eateries, speed is one of the top determinants. With an mPOS, your restaurant will save a significant amount of time throughout the ordering process. An mPOS allows servers to send orders to the kitchen directly and immediately. This cuts out the amount of time it takes to manually write down an order, walk it to the back, and enter it into a legacy point of sale system.

Another time-saving benefit of a restaurant mPOS is a more efficient checkout process. Most mobile point of sale solutions offer pay-at-the-table technology, so your wait staff can collect guest payments directly from their phone or tablet device. Faster order and checkout processes will make your guests happier and increase your table turns, generating higher profits for you.

3. Fewer Order Errors

Thanks to their mobility, one of the greatest benefits of an mPOS is the increase in order accuracy. Nothing ruins a restaurant customer experience quite like a messed up meal. Avoid the negative backlash of an unhappy customer by implementing a mobile point of sale in your restaurant, so that servers can place orders directly from the table.

Instead of relying on a waiter’s memory or scribbled handwriting, guests can have peace of mind knowing that their orders are being sent directly to the kitchen as soon as they are punched into the device. With an mPOS, your guest’s order gets processed quickly and accurately, giving you happier customers and back-of-house staff.

Ready to deliver the innovative and high quality restaurant customer experience your guests deserve? A mobile point of sale benefits the front- and back-of house workflow, harmonizing your restaurant operations and giving your customers the service they’re looking for. WaveSoft offers two mPOS apps that make it easy to upgrade your restaurant. Contact us to learn more about our iOS apps WavePOS and WaveTouch.